Jim Francis


Master Trainer Jim Francis

Jim Francis is a much sought after speaker, trainer, and business consultant. He has:

  • Bought and sold real estate.
  • Taken a company public.
  • Built his own company from zero to over 108 million dollars per year in less than 5 years
  • Built over 13 multi-million dollar business’s for himself and others.
  • Success internet web sties and offerings.
  • Worked with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino, Harvey Mackay and many other successful folks.

Credit Spreads

After decade of trading Credit Spreads, Jim started training folks how to TRADE spreads successfully. First, his family, then friends, and then other. He really does not seek out students, yet he has training hundreds of Canadians how to trade, and thousand of Americans how to trade. Even a few folks from the UK. He loves spreads "Cause the WORK! Over the years he designed a Self Study program, 2 day workshop and 3 day personal one on one mentorship. If you are ready to change life, join us.

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