Houston REIA BT Aug 19th-20th


* Every Attendee Will Receive a $250 Amex Travel Card!

“If you want to work from somewhere else you can do that with an Internet business it it’s really about the laptop lifestyle and you can do something you’re really truly passionate about and enjoy doing”

— Mike and Lara H
Osteopaths and Detox Experts,UK

“I served as a Marine and got blown up for the third time in 2006 in Iraq and less than 100 days with you guys our book became an international bestseller we sold a total of 5000 the weekend it wants and now we’ve  turned it into a workshop”

— Obom Bowen
Former Marine, USA

“I am really genuinely excited about the program I made the choice to go out to the workshop itself and it really expanded my horizons. I feel like it’s very much in sync with my heart’s desire. I’m so thrilled.”

–Sharon B
Real Estate Investor, USA

“I like this better than real-estate. I ‘m so excited about it, it’s great. This is something you can do as you travel and that’s very appealing the flexibility. I feel like I’m in good hands!”

–Linda R
Real Estate Investor, USA


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“I started the program without really an idea I wanted to run a business… Now I’m turning my passion into profits with my own online business. I’m Very excited!”

–Thomas D
IT Expert & Marathon Runner, UK


How to start a highly profitable online business from scratch… that lets you work part-time from anywhere, and enjoy true time and money FREEDOM!

Why you don’t need any experience, expertise, or talent to succeed online!

Simple yet powerful sales and email marketing automation tools that can help grow your online business faster!

How to find other people or hire experts to create your highly profitable products you can sell online and keep the profits!

What’s trending NOW online and how everyday people just like you are making money and enjoying recurring residual monthly income… month after month!

Our proprietary MP5MS2 online success formula for building your business fast and generating huge profits on the internet, in the shortest possible time.


These Are Just Some of the People Who Seek Our Advice and We Do Business With…

 Just listen to what the experts are saying…

As a serial entrepreneur and investor, I want to tell you about an exciting company that gives online business owners like you powerful tools to succeed online, and take control of your future. The name is Click and Grow Business!

Kevin Harrington

Shark Tank Investor

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “This is the Age of Self-Reliance.” People more than ever are looking for ways like this in which they can begin to take control of their future, to provide the best for their families… Here’s your chance!

Les Brown

Famous Speaker


The world has forever changed. Everything is moving online, and in this fast-paced digital age can you afford to be left behind?

Never before in history have you been able to launch and grow a successful, profitable mone-making business in so short of a time, or with so little time, money or resources. Never before has the average person had such an amazing opportunity to create their own future.

In our Click and Grow Business workshops, we teach these same 9 important steps in creating a successful online business just like we have multiple times. This formula is based on the same process that we used to start a business from scratch, on the proverbial ‘kitchen table’ in 2004 to #276 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing privately owned companies in just 3 years, which generated over $15M in sales and was acquired in 2013 for a very nice payday! We’ll teach you how people all over the world are doing this too.

Expand your mind on what’s possible, and make money online. This event will give you the advantage and edge on where and how to take your business or product to the highest level… or if you don’t already have an idea, we’ll show you how to find the best one for you!



and discover the MP5MS2 multi million-dollar success formula

Give yourself the opportunity to change your life and build true success online in the shortest possible time…

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The educational training programs provided hereunder are not designed or intended to qualify students for employment. Our curriculum is vocational in nature and is intended for the personal enrichment, development, and enjoyment of our students. Results from programs are based on individual effort and other factors. Additional products and services will be offered for sale.

Testimonial results are not typical, as each individual’s success depends upon the unique skills, time commitment, and effort of each student. The individuals sharing their stories are offering their personal opinions and no assurance is being made that any person will achieve similar or any results.  Additional products and services may be offered for sale.

**Standard text message rates apply.  A reminder will not be sent if your event is scheduled for same day.

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