By Brett Fogle

Who can you trust when it comes to ads?

And do you REALLY need to buy a $2,000 course to learn paid traffic?

You’re getting hit with advice from every source imaginable. Blogs. Ads. Facebook videos. Tweets. Everyone with an FB ad account seems to be an expert these days, and they all have a system they swear will make you millions.

Some of them may be right.

Most of them are just telling you what you want to hear so they can make millions.

Hi, I’m Justin Brooke, founder of AdSkills.com. I’ve managed over $10 million dollars (profitably) in online ad spend. With all of that ad spend I’ve acquired over 50,000 customers for my clients.

And soon I will be teaching my son the business.

When I do, these are the 10 books I’ll use to give him a solid foundation. These 10 books made me able to create compelling ads, optimize low performing ads into high performers, and create high converting landing pages.

Below are 10 books I consider indispensable for the modern media buyer.

Yes, even though some are over a decade old, they still dispense timeless knowledge every media buyer who wants to call him or herself a pro – MUST KNOW!

#1 Breakthrough Advertising

By Eugene M. Schwartz

This book is widely considered the bible of advertising. Hard to come-by, but this book is worth every penny IF you can get your hands on it.

Schwartz was a master at using words to sell — a copywriter who sold billions of dollars worth of product, by some estimates — and this book shows you his formulas, secrets, and workflow.

Out of 200+ books in my house, these are the 10 that I would recommend every media buyer have in their library. I hope you’ve found this list valuable.


I like to consider myself a book connoisseur… I believe a good reference library can spark an idea for killer campaigns, so I’ve personally collected over 200 marketing books.

However, when I thought carefully there were a total of 50 books that would I’d say helped me improve my media buying chops. I made a PDF of every book along with a short description of why I find it valuable.

Along with the PDF you’ll get a digital copy of 50 ads that made millions. With these two pdf’s you’ll be better equipped than 90% of other marketers.

What Niches Are Included in the 50 Ads PDF?

I made sure to include all kinds of different types of businesses that way everyone could benefit. Includes health supplements, eCommerce, software, finance, biz op, and more.

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Your Biggest Fan,

Brett Fogle
Founder of Click and Grow Rich